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  • How long will my repair take?​
    When it comes to the time frame for repairs, it all depends on the extent of damages, but our turnaround time is about two weeks from the day we receive the product. If we find modules with extreme repair needs, we may contact you to provide the estimated time and resources necessary to complete the repair process.
  • Can your repair engineers come to my location?​
    Of course, you can ask our management team for on-site repair openings; we must mention that the waiting time for our engineers to visit you is usually 3 to 5 weeks but can be longer depending on client needs. Please call us and schedule a service visit if you are willing to wait.
  • Can the 725Co. engineers repair any type of module?​
    Yes, Our certified engineers can repair from a 1.2 mm pixel pitch to the largest in the market, regardless of the brand. You can feel confident that your product will be ready to use after the repair.
  • Do I need to mark the bad pixels on the modules before bringing it to you?
    It is not required to mark the bad pixels on the module since we QC all modules when they arrive at our shop. You can save some time and let us do the job for you.
  • Is there any warranty on the repairs?​
    Although, we do not encounter this issue often, this is a common question our clients ask. Unfortunately, no warranty is given for repairs when they leave our shop, but we have a classification commitment for "Return Repairs." We understand the frustration this may cause which is why we have implemented a method to mark where the repairs were made. We photograph and record the details of the repair to aid us in the event a qualified return repair is necessary. A qualified return repair is only for a module that was tested not more than 24 hours after having been picked up or received by the client, and only to the area that was recorded as Repaired by 725co. When requesting a return repair, please ensure the repair area stickers have not been tampered with as this will void our commitment.
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